NAIA All-Americans

Being selected as an NAIA All-American is one of the highest honors a Dakota Wesleyan University student athlete can receive. The following list is comprised of each Tiger that has been named to this exclusive club.


Ray Peterson 2000 Honorable Mention

Jacoby Marshall 2002 Honorable Mention

Cody Palmer 2003 Honorable Mention

Robert Stockton 2004 Honorable Mention

Thomas Gulledge 2005 Honorable Mention

Chris Marek 2005 Honorable Mention

Robert Stockton 2005 Honorable Mention

Scott Eyears 2006 Honorable Mention

Ben Jukich 2006 Honorable Mention

Chris Baker 2008 Honorable Mention       

Casey Solem 2010 Second Team

Michael Lukkason 2013 Honorable Mention

Men’s Cross Country

Dan Bulloch 1978 4th Place


Lou Davis HB 1940 Honorable Mention

Robert Kirkman T 1945 First Team

Mike McKay 1962 Honorable Mention

Mike Flyger LB 1975 Honorable Mention

Mike Flyger LB 1976 Second Team

Dan DeVries TE 1987 Second Team

Brooks Schild DT 1987 Honorable Mention

Chris Lounsbery OG 1991 First Team

Chris Twibell TE 1992 Honorable Mention

Ron Bartels OT 1992 Honorable Mention

Jason Bailey RB 1993 Honorable Mention

Ron Bartels OT 1993 Honorable Mention       

Kardel Miller FS 1993 Honorable Mention

Mark Conrad RB 1996 Honorable Mention

Todd Sprang DB 1997 Second Team

David Kimura WR 2000 Honorable Mention

David Flores DB 2002 Honorable Mention

Nick Tolsma P 2008 First Team

James Hansen OL 2010 First Team

Anthony Muilenburg WR 2011 First Team

Derek Carlson P 2012 First Team

Anthony Muilenburg WR 2013 Second Team

Brady Bonte LB 2015 Second Team

Adam Bormann LB 2016 CoSIDA Academic All-American

Hayden Adams WR 2016 CoSIDA Academic All-American

Men’s Basketball

Larry Myers 1965 Honorable Mention

Randy Fletcher 1969 Honorable Mention

Lloyd Piggee 1970 Honorable Mention

Tom Miller 1971 Honorable Mention

Greg Hansen 1973 Honorable Mention

Greg Hansen 1974 Honorable Mention

Chris Miller 1975 Honorable Mention

Alan Miller 1983 Honorable Mention

Alan Miller 1984 Honorable Mention

Alan Miller 1985 Second Team

Scott Morgan 1992 First Team

Scott Morgan 1993 First Team

Chris Long 1997 Honorable Mention

Kamden Miller 1997 Honorable Mention

Kamden Miller 1998 Honorable Mention

Darrin Mebius 1999 Honorable Mention

Jay Drake 1999 Third Team

Austin Ledeboer 2001 Second Team

Austin Ledeboer 2002 Honorable Mention

David Nour 2002 Honorable Mention

David Nour 2003 Honorable Mention

Brock Seim 2006 Second Team

Brock Seim 2007 First Team

Preston Broughton 2008 First Team

Brady Wiebe 2009 Third Team

Darrin Dorsey 2010 First Team

Brady Wiebe 2010 Third Team

Preston Broughton 2010 Honorable Mention

Brady Wiebe 2011 First Team

Jalen Voss 2013 Honorable Mention

Jalen Voss 2014 Third Team

Jalen Voss 2015 First Team

Kris Menning 2015 Third Team

Trae Bergh 2016 First Team

Tate Martin 2016 Honorable Mention

Tate Martin 2017 First Team

Ty Hoglund 2017 Honorable Mention

Jason Spicer 2017 Honorable Mention

Men’s Soccer

Juan Baltazar 2006 Honorable Mention

Kaleb Herring 2006 Honorable Mention

Men’s Indoor Track and Field

Troy Erickson 1992 3rd Long Jump

Steve Schmidt 1998 2nd Shot Put

Vladimir Micic 2000 3rd 55-Meter Hurdles

Vladimir Micic 2001 3rd 55-Meter Hurdles

Jamey Sperle 2001 4th 55-Meter Dash

Jamey Sperle 2001 4th 200-Meter Dash

Jamey Sperle 2003 4th 55-Meter Dash

Jamey Sperle 2003 3rd 200-Meter Dash

Matt Hein 2004 3rd 3,000-Meter Racewalk

David Faith 2005 5th 3,000-Meter Racewalk

Men’s Outdoor Track and Field

Jim Walton 1973 6th 120-Yard Hurdles

Tom Bell 1973 4th Javelin

Steve Schmidt 1997 6th Shot Put

Vladimir Micic 2000 5th 110-Meter Hurdles

Jamey Sperle 2000 4th 200-Meter Dash

Jamey Sperle 2001 3rd 200-Meter Dash

Jamey Sperle 2003 2nd 200-Meter Dash

Matt Hein 2004 2nd 3,000-Meter Racewalk

Thomas Madut 2010 3rd Marathon

Women’s Indoor Track and Field

Nicole Court-Menendez 2013 8th 3,000-Meter Racewalk

Nicole Court-Menendez 2014 8th 3,000-Meter Racewalk

Nicole Court-Menendez 2016 4th 3,000-Meter Racewalk

Skylar Forgey 2016 5th 1,000-Meter Run

Women’s Outdoor Track and Field

Tamika Irvin 2012 3rd 200-Meter Dash

Tamika Irvin 2012 5th 100-Meter Dash

Nicole Court-Menendez 2013 8th 5,000-Meter Racewalk

Nicole Court-Menendez 2014 8th 5,000-Meter Racewalk


Julie Gustafson 1989 Third Team

Julie Gustafson 1990 Third Team

Catia Porto 1990 Honorable Mention

Women’s Basketball

Ronda Morgan 1994 Second Team

Ronda Morgan 1995 Third Team

Randi Morgan 2001 Third Team

Emily Janssen 2002 Honorable Mention

Randi Morgan 2002 First Team

Randi Morgan 2004 First Team

Victoria Drefs 2004 Second Team

Kim Johnson 2013 Second Team

Celeste Beck 2015 Honorable Mention

Erica Herrold 2016 Second Team

Ashley Bray 2017 Second Team
Erica Herrold 2017 Honorable Mention

Women’s Golf

Heather Snavely 2006 Honorable Mention

Dani Bellet 2010 Honorable Mention

Dani Bellet 2011 First Team

Dani Bellet 2012 First Team

Women’s Soccer

Danielle Richardson 2009 Honorable Mention


Mel Melcher 1967 177 6th

Pete Buatti 1971 118 5th

Justin Portenier 2001 125 4th

Brandon Hays 2001 157 8th

Chad Johnson 2001 285 7th

Justin Portenier 2002 125 1st

Justin Portenier 2003 125 2nd

Jared Digmann 2004 125 8th

Scott Loveless 2004 165 8th

Lionel Riley 2006 285 8th

Tony Duarte 2008 165 4th

Jordan Harer 2009 141 6th

Josh Geppert 2011 285 6th

Dusty Paulsen 2013 149 7th        

Trever Devestern 2013 157 7th

Richard Rios 2014 133 4th

Trever Devestern 2014 165 4th

Kyle Gerlach 2015 157 7th

Trever Devestern 2016 165 7th