Dakota Wesleyan University Strength and Conditioning

Proverbs 27:17: As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Person Sharpens Another.

Mission Statement to Our Athletes:

We will continuously strive to cultivate the highest-level training environment for our student-athletes.

Our Program will be based on proven principles of physiology and periodization to maximize athletic potential and protect the health and safety of our athletes. 

To produce an environment that is enthusiastic about dedication, discipline and hard work; providing the platform for leaders to emerge and succeed in the classroom and on the field.


DWU Varsity Weight Room

Department Summary

Year Round Training

The Strength and Conditioning department believes in training year round and that includes throughout the competitive in-season of each team. This allows for greater development and injury reduction for our student athletes.


Four Years of Development

As a student athlete progress from year to year so too will the program that they are on. This will allow for greater adaptation, greater performance and enhanced safety for each student athlete.


Transfer of Training

Dakota Wesleyan Strength and Conditioning department utilizes ground based, multi-joint and three dimensional training. This allows for the greatest performance improvements to be transferred to the field of play. This also includes speed, agility and energy system development and focuses on these components to create a specific training plan based on competitive demands.


Injury Management

The Strength and Conditioning department focuses on fundamental movement patterns, tissue quality, mobility, nutrition and recovery methods with each student athlete. Working closely with the Athletic Training department to identify and correct deficiencies to mitigate injuries.   


Internship Opportunities

If Interested in a internship opportunity within Dakota Wesleyan's Strength and Conditioning Department please contact:

Kyle Hobbs, M. Ed., CSCS, SCCC, FMS

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach